A screenshot from The Dreaming, the definitive Aboriginal dreaming series
Discover the unique stories of Dreaming and Dreamtime that is The Dreaming
A fantastic resource for schools and educators, includes teacher's guides
78 animated films explore the diversity of Australian Aboriginal dreaming
The Dreaming 6 DVD Boxset - 78 animated films over six DVDs
The Definitive Dreaming Series
Unique, authentic and diverse; as seen on the ABC

The Dreaming is an award winning animation series recommended by educational institutions throughout Australia and is widely used as a teaching resource for across the curriculum studies in schools and learning institutions in each State & Territory for years 1-10.

These animated films are based on Australian Aboriginal storytelling (oral histories) that have been maintained as a body of knowledge for over 40,000 years.

There are 6 parts to the complete series, and each looks at unique indigenous stories, beautifully animated by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. Children love them and adults are amazed at what they learn about Australia from each story.
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78 Animated Films across 6 DVDs!
78 Animated Films
There are 6 parts to the complete series, and each looks at unique indigenous stories, beautifully animated by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. Total duration of the 6 DVDs is 18.5 hours! See episode list.
81 Mini Documenataries exploring the production of The Dreaming series
81 Accompanying Documentaries
Including special behind the scenes featurettes and mini-documentaries on the storytellers and their communities.
A truly diverse series revealing the cultural spread of Indigenous Australians
Cultural Diversity
The Dreaming stories are sourced from indigenous communities across Australia, revealing for the first time the cultural spread and diversity of Indigenous Australia, as illustrated by these unique animated oral histories.
Includes teacher's guide on PDF - a handy education resource for schools
Includes Teacher's Guides
Teacher's Guides in PDF format for each series. Includes map images locating each story, text of each story, backgrounds on the storytellers, suggested teaching strategies and full lists of the participating communities.
The Dreaming is a multi-award winning series
Award Winning Series
The Dreaming has won multiple awards and accolades, and has even been commemorated by a special First Day edition of Australian Postage Stamps.
Series 1
  • Gelam (Torres Strait Islands)
    • As told by Lydia George
  • Talwalpin & Kowinka (QLD)
    • As told by Oodgeroo Noonuccal
  • The Waratah (NSW)
    • As told by Gaboo Ted Thomas
  • Tajeer-Tarnium (VIC)
    • As told by Joy Murphy
  • Kuti Kina (TAS)
    • As told by Jim Everett
  • Mar The Cockatoo (SA)
    • As told by Elizabeth Tongerie
  • Dumbi The Owl (WA)
    • As told by David Mowaljarlai
  • Warlukulunga (NT)
    • As told by Rex Japanangka
  • The Black Snake (NSW)
    • As told by Pauline McLeod
  • How Bama Got Biri (QLD)
    • As told by Ashley Coleman
  • Wonga & Nudu (QLD)
    • As told by Oodgeroo Noonuccal
  • Myths Of The Galaxy (QLD)
    • As told by Florence Costelloe
Series 3
  • Min-Na-Wee (WA)
    • As told by Frank Martin
  • Nudjanuka (NSW)
    • As told by Elaine Hanson
  • How The Waratah Became Red (NSW)
    • As told by Kevin Smith
  • How The Water Got To The Plains (QLD)
    • As told by Olga Miller
  • Spinifex Pigeon (NT)
    • As told by Janet Nagamarra
  • How Brolga Became A Bird (NSW)
    • As told by Pauline McLeod
  • The Emu & The Jabiru (NT)
    • As told by Clancy Guthijpuy Marrkula
  • The Coming Of A Warrior (NSW)
    • As told by Elaine Hanson
  • Manala The Monster Cod (NSW)
    • As told by Pauline McLeod
  • The Snake & The Goanna (WA)
    • As told by Josie Boyle
  • Tuggan Tuggan (QLD)
    • As told by Oodgeroo Noonuccal
  • Biami & Marmoo (NSW)
    • As told by Pauline McLeod
  • Buduk & Bulaytj Bulaytj (NT)
    • As told by Alfred Yangipuy Wanambi
Series 5
  • The Rainbow Serpent (QLD)
    • As told by Ray Wymarra
  • Whyallee (NSW)
    • As told by Beryl Carmichael
  • The Coming of Goo-aa-la (VIC)
    • As told by Erica Albion
  • The Southern Cross Story (QLD)
    • As told by Margaret Iselin
  • Kannenner The Brave (TAS)
    • As told by Leigh Maynard
  • Butheras Rock (SA)
    • As told by Kevin O’Loughlin
  • Yuladurra (NSW)
    • As told by Emily Walker
  • The Goo-Roo Daarn (WA)
    • As told by Josie Boyle
  • The Story Of The Spirit Fingers (WA)
    • As told by Paul Harris
  • Tickerpillar (NSW)
    • As told by Beryl Carmichael
  • Southern Lights (VIC)
    • As told by Albert Mullett
  • Warringe (WA)
    • As told by Steve Comeagain
  • The Frog And The Two Pelicans (WA)
    • As told by Josey Farrah
Series 2
  • The Goori Goori Bird (QLD)
    • As Told by Reg Fraser, Joyce Lawton. Betty Wyman, Betty Saylor & Nell Muriel Robinson
  • Thukeri (SA)
    • As told by Veena Gollan
  • How The Mopoke Came To Be (WA)
    • As told by Josie Boyle
  • The Dolphin (NSW)
    • As told by Charles Moran
  • Djet (NT)
    • As told by Shirley Gunumunga
  • The Butterfly (QLD)
    • As told by Olga Miller
  • Ballawinne (Red Ochre) (TAS)
    • As told by Jim Everett
  • The Two Wise Men And The Seven Sisters (WA)
    • As told by Josie Boyle
  • The Moon And His Two Wives (NT)
    • As told by Jimmy Marrkula
  • Blue Mountain Butterfly (QLD)
    • As told by Cherie Yavu-Kama Harathunian
  • Buda:dji (QLD)
    • As told by Ashley Coleman
  • The Stone Canoe (NSW)
    • As told by Glenda mcOhail
  • Tree Duck (QLD)
    • As told by Olga Miller
Series 4
  • Didipapa & Gorarasiasi (QLD)
    • As told by Goby Noah
  • Buillbree (NSW)
    • As told by Della Walker
  • The Creation Of Trowenna (TAS)
    • As told by Leigh Maynard
  • The Hawkesbeak Turtle (QLD)
    • As told by Larry Wossup
  • How The Desert Came To Be (SA/WA)
    • As told by Josie Boyle
  • The Mountain Devil (SA/WA)
    • As told by Wendy Lynch
  • Dolphin Dreaming (NSW)
    • As told by Elaine Hanson
  • Doitborke (VIC)
    • As told by Joy Murphy
  • The Making Of The Fitzroy River (WA)
    • As told by Frank Martin
  • Giant Man (SA/WA)
    • As told by Wendy Boyle
  • Ant Eggs (WA)
    • As told by Ethel Walalgie
  • Tjubpy The Cheeky Little Lizard (WA)
    • As told by Steve Comeagain
  • Wanka Manapulpa Minyma (WA)
    • As told by Pantjiti McLean
Series 6
  • Kondili (the Whale) (SA)
    • As told by Henry Rankine O.A.M.
  • The Wa:Tji Bird (SA)
    • As told by Barney Lindsay
  • Nanji and Nguandi (QLD)
    • As told by Paddy Jerome
  • The Blue Tongue Lizard (WA)
    • As told by Donna Atkins
  • Boolba Dreaming (Cave Dreaming) (WA)
    • As told by Rhonda Holloway
  • Bunjil (and The Sanctuary) (VIC)
    • As told by Dorethy Peters
  • Goonda-Dani-Booloo (QLD)
    • As told by Paddy Jerome
  • How The Yarra River Was Formed (VIC)
    • As told by Joy Murphy
  • Why The Kookaburra Laughs (QLD)
    • As told by Olga Miller
  • The Euro And The Kangaroo (Mandya And Urdlu) (SA)
    • As told by Elsie Jackson
  • The Port Albert Frog and the White Rock (VIC)
    • As told by Sandra Mullett
  • Julli-Julli (QLD)
    • As told by Paddy Jerome
  • Mallee Hen (WA/SA)
    • As told by Pantjiti Mary McLean
Watch an episode of The Dreaming - Series 5, Episode 5: Kannenner the Brave
Watch an Episode
Series 5, Episode 5: Kannenner the Brave (6mins)
Please note: This video may contain the names, voices and faces of people who are now deceased, which may cause distress to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers. We ask that you please use care when viewing and navigating this material.
Dreamtime Stories versus The Dreaming
The Dreaming is sometimes referred to as The Dreamtime.

Today Aboriginal storytellers prefer to use The Dreaming as a way of describing their stories and their oral history because The Dreaming in Aboriginal culture is not considered something that occurred in the past, it is continually occurring and is ever-present in their culture. The Dreamtime "was", The Dreaming "is".
  1. That the stories are recognised as a ‘body of knowledge’ that is many thousands of years old.

  2. That the stories are sourced from the communities who own them.

  3. That the communities make their own decision on what stories they want to have animated.

  4. That the communities approve the story for animation.

  5. That the story represents the community and clan and is specifically placed geographically.

  6. Ownership and copyright of the story is always held by the nominated community council.

  7. That the content of the animation including artist’s style be approved by the community at all key production stages.

  8. That the story provided by the community is not rewritten or changed unless approved and endorsed by the community.

  9. That the community be paid industry standard rates and receive royalties from revenues.

  10. That Indigenous people design and participate in the creation of the animation at all stages of production.

About Aboriginal Nations Australia

Aboriginal Nations Australia was established as an independent animation company with the objective to employ and train Aboriginal artists as animators to produce a series of Dreaming stories selected from different Aboriginal communities across Australia.

The stories were sourced from many communities, and permission to tell them and animate them obtained from community Elders & community Councils.

During this process, Aboriginal Nations developed a cultural protocol to ensure that the copyright for each story was identified and retained by the communities providing the stories. Click here to see the ten point list.

This cultural protocol was endorsed by the NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG) Inc. and World Indigenous Peoples Conference: Education (1996).

The UNICEF Film and Television Office and ASIFA, the International Animation Industry Association, have also supported the protocol.

To produce this series a team of Aboriginal artists were trained in the techniques of traditional and computer assisted animation. Each story was then researched in-depth so that the animators could accurately portray the cultural content of the story. One important consideration was to look at the art produced from the area and to use this art as a basis to develop the style and the uniqueness of each story.

The series provides an insight into The Dreaming which has different meanings for different Aboriginal groups. The Dreaming can be seen as the embodiment of Aboriginal creation which gives meaning to everything: the essence of Aboriginal belief about creation, spiritual and physical existence. It establishes the rules governing relations between the people, the land and all things for Aboriginal people.

Royalties are paid from sales to the storytellers and their communities.

Some Major Achievements of The Dreaming Series include
  • Special First Day edition of Australian Postage Stamps issued by Australia Post featuring a selection of The Dreaming images from the animation series.
  • Completion of 79 animated episodes of The Dreaming stories.
  • First Prize at the Festival Internacional de cinema video (Gava Spain)
  • Best Animated Film & City of Gava Best Film Award (all categories) for the story of The Dolphin.
  • Chicago International Film Festival. Five individual Awards of Excellence
  • Annecy (France) Film Festival. Commendation Jury Prize for the story The Bungulunga Man